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Hats & Caps Booth
at the Christmas Market

Every year, the Frankfurt Christmas Market starts for us with the setting-up of our hats & winter caps booth at 7 am at the Paulsplatz. We have to strictly follow a timetable made by the city of Frankfurt. 

That timetable says what time the construction work has to start and end. That ensures that the construction can run smoothly because no construction team might block an other team.

All in all, it takes 3 to 4 people for about 6 hours to set up our 9 metre booth. The work is usually physically demanding, since several heavy wall segments have to be lifted into place.

You will find us always at the same location. On the one hand, that has the advantage that many of our customers know exactly where they can find us at the Frankfurt Christmas Market. On the other hand, our booth cannot easily be moved elsewhere. You may know that there are trees at the Paulsplatz, some of these trees are located right on the places, where the booths are to be set up. Some trees must therefore be „integrated“ into the booths. Our top, for example, has a special design, that has an open space in which exactly a tree can fit in. The back of the booth also gives about 1 metre space for the tree (you can see this on the photo above). That is why the tree determines the position of our booth every year.

After we had put up the top, we lay our "floor" which is made of wooden boards. After that step, the individual wall segments are screwed together and connected to the roof, using some poles.

The next day, we set up the sales tables and install all lights. The cash register and the heating are also set up. Then, lots of shelves and Christmas decoration are to be put on the walls. Even if it does not look like much work, it is a 8 hours lasting task for two people.

On the third day of construction, our goods (hats, caps, gloves and scarves) are priced out and displayed. About 4 weeks before the start of the Frankfurt Christmas Market, every item is in stock in all its sizes. Usually, we also have 12 to 24 pieces of each "one size"-item in stock. But, especially with regards to our hats, we tell our customers that they may try to come during the first sales week to the Frankfurt Christmas Market, because then all sizes are usually available.

Since we do sell high-quality products, mostly from Germany, the value of our men's hats alone is around 20,000€. All in all, we carry about 500 different items of headwear in our 9 metre booth.

The Hats & Caps Booth is ready!

After several days of hard work, our booth is finally ready. All goods are priced out and displayed.
Now we just hope for a peaceful and joyful Christmas season and that all of this year's visitors can fully enjoy the special atmosphere of the Frankfurt Christmas Market. If you are visiting the Christmas Market and you are looking for high-quality hats, caps, some winter wear, scarves or gloves, you might come to our booth. Regarding hats & caps, we do not only carry the largest selection of the Frankfurt Christmas Market, but also probably the largest selection in Frankfurt as well. You are welcome to visit us on Paulsplatz. If you ask one of our salesmen, you will get a little gift for free!
We are located at the first row of booths on Platzplatz close to Berliner Street. See you then and enjoy the Christmas season!