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Frankfurt Christmas Market until 2019

Especially when you sell winter hats, you will wish for cold weather. Sunshine and cold temperatures, that is how we and many visitors imagine a perfect day to go to the Christmas Market in Frankurt am Main. Although quite rare, it does happen on some days, that snow falls during the opening hours. On such days, the Christmas market appears spectacular and scenic more than ever. If on such a day the Paul's church is also illuminated with special blue lights, it is a scenery worth some pictures.

The Christmas Tree at the Römerberg

The photos below show the Römerberg during the Christmas market. Particularly impressive and therefore a tourist magnet is the huge Christmas tree. When the night falls, it glows with thousands of small lights. The Christmas trees had become the landmarks of the Frankfurt Christmas Market. A photo shows the Christmas tree in 2017 shortly after it was put up and therefore without lights.


The last photo shows the illuminated Paul's Church with the Commerzbank Tower clearly visible in the background. Especially in the dark, the famous Frankfurt skyline makes the Christmas Market unique. You will not find any Christmas market in Germany with a skyline visible. In Frankfurt, you just have to lift your head and you will see the skyline of Europe's leading financial metropolis glowing in the dark between the Christmas booths.

Tightened Security Measures

Unfortunately, there were not only memorable moments at the Frankfurt Christmas Market. The fear of terrorist attacks in Frankfurt had reached its peak in 2017. That year, a part of the Christmas market was temporarily closed by the police due to a suspicious object. The object later turned out to be harmless.


However, there was very large police presence every day on the Frankfurt Christmas Market. The two photos below show a little bit of these sad days. The fear of a terrorist attack unfortunately stopped many people from visiting the Christmas market and the atmosphere was also less cheerful as usual. Many merchants made noticeably less sales. Fortunately, terror attacks are no longer an issue in Germany.

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