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Frankfurt Christmas Market 2021

In 2021, the Frankfurt Christmas Market could take place again after it was cancelled by the city of Frankfurt am Main in 2020 due the pandemic.


In the fall of 2021, a new hygiene and safety concept was drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Hessian Corona Protection Ordinance in order to provide visitors to the Frankfurt Christmas Market with the best possible protection against infection with the Covid-19-Virus. Among other things, there was an obligation to wear an medical mask on the entire market site. In addition, the number of stalls was significantly reduced so that the sales aisles were wider. In this way, it was easier for the visitors to keep 1.5m distance from each other. Also, the attractions were distributed more on the market area so that there were no accumulations. In addition, there were regular announcements to inform visitors of the protective measures in place.

In the video, you can hear one of the many loudspeaker announcements that were played regularly at the Frankfurt Christmas Market 2021. With the help of the announcements, visitors were repeatedly asked to follow the safety and hygiene measures in force at the market.

Fewer Visitors to the Christmas Market

Overall, fewer than 1 million visitors attended the Frankfurt Christmas Market in 2021, which was unfortunately only about half as many visitors as at average Christmas markets in Frankfurt before the pandemic.

On the one hand, the media generally advised against visiting Christmas markets. For this reason, there were probably significantly fewer day trippers from surrounding communities coming to the Frankfurt Christmas market. On the other hand, there were worldwide travel restrictions, which discouraged international tourists in particular from visiting Germany. Another reason was probably that fewer commuters were in the city than before the pandemic. Many workers preferred to work in their home offices instead of commuting to Frankfurt on weekdays. You can see from the photos that there were comparatively few people on the market grounds.


Despite the fact that there were significantly fewer visitors to the Christmas market, a huge Christmas tree in front of the Römer was impressive, as it is every year. The always impressive Christmas tree in front of the Römer is the secret landmark of the Frankfurt Christmas Market.

Many old familiar traders were also represented at the Christmas market again. Traditional Christmas tree decorations, hats, scarves, gloves, gift items, leather goods, candles, incense burners, pottery and much more were sold at the market. Those who had an appetite could also choose between many Christmas specialties and of course there were several stalls selling mulled wine.


A visit to the Christmas market is especially recommended in the evening. The many warm lights and beautifully decorated stalls then provide a particularly Christmas atmosphere. In the photo you can see the Christmas market on the Zeil with the Frankfurt skyline in the background. A view that is unique in Germany!

If you move away from the Christmas market on the Zeil in a northwesterly direction, you will reach the Opernplatz in a few minutes. That's where you'll find the Alte Oper Frankfurt. In 2021, Opernplatz was festively lit and a large Christmas tree stood in front of the Alte Oper. A short trip to the Opernplatz is very good after an evening visit to the Christmas market.

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